Don’t take life for granted, it’s a gift.

Hey everyone it’s me again now if you’ve been following my blog over the past four years or even two years, you would have noticed that the tone of my blogs have completely changed.

This past Saturday we met into an accident not our fault and nothing super huge but could have been a lot worst, our car got a nasty blow. Shout out to Progressive car insurance they dealt with the situation so quick and seamlessly we had a rental car in no time and it’s a really nice rental we almost don’t want them to fix our car lol.

Here’s the point of this bog when you least expect it things can change and who knows if it had been a couple of seconds earlier maybe that crash would have been worst.Im usually an annoying passenger seat driver but this time I was on twitter and didn’t have my eyes on the road I wasn’t the one driving however, but I looked down for two seconds and in within those two seconds I was jerked forward. Usually I get very frightened in situations like these, but I felt an overwhelming amount of calm we got out of the car and the girl who was driving the other car met us half way. The first thing she said was is everyone ok, are you alright and we did the same asking if she was ok. I’ve been in accidents before and this is the first time I’ve been in one where everyone was so calm, the accident was her fault and she took the blame with no arguments, we didn’t need to call the police we were all fine. We exchanged insurance information and phone numbers and we should be getting our car back within a week or so.

I believe when you practice gratitude and surround yourself with positive people, keep your vibe positive and focus on the good in the world. Your world just flows and the universe will reward you with positive experiences. Some people get distracted by the bad and focus on the negative, but me I give my attention to the things that truly deserve it. Say this to yourself everyday I have a beautiful home, I have a wonderful family, I have friends who adore me and I have the world at my fingertips, my life is Golden.

have a great week everyone, remember tomorrow isn’t promised so while you have life, make the best of it.

xoxo Lauren O Lauren

How do you overcome Misery?

I get asked this daily, there is no one way to get over a bad situation whatever the situation might be. There is no seven step course of how to prevent a bad situation either, its apart of life, bad things happen to everybody before learning to walk fully babies fall down hundred of times, its part of the process.

So what do you do, what advise do I have to offer some one who is going through something that at the moment is just too much for them to handle? what does a sailboat do when it’s at sea? It adjusts it’s sails so the winds can take it where it wants to go, and when the seas get rough it battens down and prepares for it, when the storm passes it assesses the damage and sails again.

There’s nothing much you can do when tough times are happening, just allow yourself to go through the motions. Even the son of God while he was here on earth went through pain, betrayal and endured serious criticism.
The good thing is bad times don’t last but tough people do, so go to work if you have to help the kids with their homework and keep your house clean. Cry and allow yourself to be a little self-indulgent in the things that you want, but when the rough time is over and the storm has passed, get up brush yourself off and move on with your life don’t allow a temporary situation to permanently affect you forever.

Have an amazing week everyone. Please feel free to email me with questions or situations that you need a second opinion on.

xoxoxo Lauren O Lauren

We don’t lose things, we simply upgrade to better things


Hi everyone I hope you’re all having a good day and if you’re not remember what I always tell you, nothing lasts forever.

I thought it was super important for me to write this blog for you guys just incase some of you were going through a similar situation. Most of us have been at that place in our lives where we feel like everything is being taken from us, like some strange force just stopped by one day and swooped the entire world we knew right from under us. We lose our friends, our family starts to drift away, the love of our life tells us they don’t love us anymore, and our kids start to rebel what is going on in our world?

You might think you’re losing your sanity and your piece of mind but you’re not, you’re actually being upgraded to a better situation I promise you trust me I know this. I lose things and people all the time. But I always get compensated with better people and better things later on. When I think back at some of my darkest times the things and people who I lost even if I hadn’t lost them and things had remained the same before the trouble, what I have now is far greater and far better than that which I lost when it was good. That’s why I know for sure that you shouldn’t worry about things that fail now because anything that fails, failed because it wasn’t the right fit and something better will come along.

Feel free to cry now but feel better soon because later you will laugh.

xoxox Lauren O Lauren.

An Amicable Split, can’t we just NOT be friends?

It’s crazy how complicated life gets and how quickly things turn for the worst. Break ups are never smooth whether you’re breaking up with your lover or you’re breaking up with your best friend, they just have this way of becoming very messy.

Here’s the problem with friendships once they no longer work, people genuinely believe that the end of a friendship means war. Everything you ever confided in them becomes public knowledge and that’s too messy. Just because you guys are no longer friends anymore it doesn’t mean you should tell everyone that your friend’s boyfriend used to be gay but she only told you. We need to be grown ups we’re all acting like we live in one big high school type universe.

When someone and I have parted ways friendship-wise I literally just act like nothing changes, the only difference is I don’t call them anymore and we don’t hang out. But if some one says to me “Whats up with X” because there is always a nosey mother**** who tries to pry into your business by acting all concerned, I just respond with “Yea they’re good, we’re just super busy with our own individual things right now, we don’t get to see each other that much” and I leave it right there and keep it moving.

Bad mouthing, trash talking and the whole teenage dramatics just because you and somebody aren’t friends anymore, that shit gets old. It makes you bitter and bad blessings will follow you. I just try to live a simple life and keep myself to my damn self.

Have a great weekend y’all, and Happy Independence Day America!!!

xoxoxo Lauren O Lauren

The Gatekeepers and The Goal Keepers, the Big PERCEPTION.

Hi everyone been reading this pretty dope book called Unlabel by Marc Ecko the guy who owns Ecko clothing company, a couple of these industry people have written books about their success but by far his is the best.

There is specific situation that he talks about in his book that I am a firm believer in, and if you watched my video on youtube where I spoke about the Television Industry you would see the resemblance. He says avoid the gatekeepers and focus on the goal keepers because gate keepers like to think they’re calling the shots but it’s just the perception not the reality. People used to tell me all the time you need to have the right links, be nice to the people who are in certain positions and they will take your career to the next level.

These people they were speaking about are the gatekeepers, the people who think they are the ones controlling the trends. You’ll never make it in the TV industry if you don’t have a show on this channel or that channel, when the truth is you’ll never make it on tv if the people who watch tv don’t watch you. The people who watch tv in this instance are the goalkeepers, if you are designer its the people who wear your clothes, if you are a musician its the people who listen to your music, not the producers who won’t produce.

I have always dreamed of writing for the news paper, I love writing and sharing my opinions with other like-minded people was a big deal to me. But I knew I would never work for the local paper because I had too much to say and my kind of honesty was not the kind they were looking for. So I started blogging over seven years ago, finally I could reach my audience without going through the gatekeeper I was now facing to face with the goal keeper. The same thing happened to me in television. I had been in television for over seven years and I wasn’t doing the kind of TV that I wanted I was going to parties and doing interviews of the same celebrities over and over again and I was bored I knew I wasn’t growing how was I suppose to become brand doing this shit forever. When I brought my ideas to the cable heads for the station where I was working they shot it down. So I quit and did it on my own once again heading straight to the goal keeper and telling the gate keepers to go fuck themselves with the help of Flow Tv and Youtube.

Don’t fall victim to the gatekeepers who think they run shit, they aren’t running anything there are certain things they can’t control. Dnt forget the first time Justin Bieber approached Usher, Usher shook him off it wasn’t until Justin started getting attention on youtube from the goal keepers there, did things change.

Whatever you want in life, go after it sometimes the people who you think are the key they aren’t the key, you’ve been the key all along. Avoid the gate keepers.

xoxox Lauren O Lauren

Having friends is like ruling a Kingdom or something like that.

Ok So this random stupid thought came into my head today cause I was trying to sort some stuff out. I realize it is inevitable that you will lose friends through out this journey of life, but it sucks its like getting shot again. You’ve been shot before so you know you’re not gonna die but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less you know what I mean. Especially sometimes when you lose friends over petty shit, somebody ever had a beef with you and you’re the last person to find out? Shit happens to me all the time.

Every change in your life means you’re gonna lose a friend, if you shave off all your head and decide to go natural this could be one of those times when you might lose a friend, because I have come to realize change goes hand in hand with the crumbling of all sorts of relationships. So I have come to this theory that having friends is like ruling a kingdom, you’re cool with all your knights, your noble men and everybody in your Kingdom right, but it’s a Kingdom and there is always threat from enemies. No matter how loyal all the kings men and loyal subjects are, all it takes is a moment of weakness and vulnerability for an outsider to offer them something that you probably don’t have, or tell them something to set them against you and because we’re humans and emotionally driven before you know it your kingdom is being slammed because one of your faithful subjects left the bridge open for the enemy to come in and just like that you’re fucked.

Did that make any sense? It just came to me I’ve been listening to a lot of Cher today so I don’t know if it’s causing my brain to warp lol.

A Message to my Friends

Ok so few things I need to tell you guys hopefully I don’t ramble, I went to bed extremely late one night because as usual I was up late editing videos and working on this project somebody is paying me to finish by this weekend,still haven’t finished it I will by later today though.

So imagine how frightening it was for me to hear my phone going off over and over again at 10am when I went to bed at 8am, I was frazzled. I thought something bad had happened the last time I was woken up by the constant ringing of my phone one of my dear friends was in the hospital, fighting for her life. I thought-this was one of those situations imagine my disappointment when I picked up the phone and heard this on the other line “Lauren whomever you’re telling your business to in Jamaica you need to stop telling them. They have your business all up on this gossip website” I knew at that moment as soon as I was fully awake I needed to go to AT&T and change my phone number, again.

A couple of things bother me about this situation here’s the first one, I never had a sex tape, I never dated a famous artist or have a baby for a famous person. I’m literally just some girl from the country side of a small island called Jamaica who moved to Kingston the islands “City” and appeared on TV a couple of times, I’m not rich like my neighbor assumes I am because I told him I’m some kind of celebrity in Jamaica, he assumes all celebrities are rich, I guess they are in America I told him no. I’m quite poor so the obsession with my personal life is something I don’t really understand, I guess because I travel to the states a few times and in a 3rd world country that’s a big deal, I’m not really sure I’m just guessing here.

Here’s my second problem people think it’s ok for people to write me up on sites and destroy my name, say nasty things about me as if I’m no a human being with feelings. So I should stop telling people my business because, they will all bring it back to this site so it can become a conversation piece for the readers who I guess have a lot of free time on their hands. Why is it ok, why do you assume that what’s on the site is true, why do you assume that I give a fuck? I can’t choose who is going to betray me, Jesus got fucking betrayed and he was only trying to save the entire world from sin, all I’m trying to do is lay my weave.

There is nothing I can do about people who want to discuss me, one second they are saying I’m a gold digger who loves money, the next second they’re saying I’m with a poor man who can’t buy me anything, they will say something bad regardless spreading lies trying to tear my name down there’s obviously an audience out there people want to know about Lauren. ME!! People want to know all the intimate details about my life,can anybody say Tell All to be released soon. I live in a redneck part of America surrounded by white people who could care less who Lauren O Lauren is, I don’t live in Florida and I don’t live in New York, I don’t run into Jamaicans ever. I was driving around looking for a Jamaican restaurant the other day and the closest one was four hours away, I wanted to cry cuz I really felt like having oxtail. You see where I’m going with this? You’re telling me about a situation that I really can’t do anything about, they can talk about me all they want, be it true or not it’s not affecting me and it’s not helping them.

Anyways have a great weekend everyone I’m starting a knitting class today and I’m super excited it’s kind of a big deal. I wanna knit cozy white sweaters and shit for all my friends.

Xoxox Lauren O Lauren

You have nothing to prove, because you don’t need Validation.

Hey there lovers gonna try to keep this blog short focusing on two things today: Failure and the need to prove ourselves to others. First of all don’t be afraid of failing because sometimes failure can be the best thing that ever happen to us, most super successful people have had major failures before striking gold. If they didn’t fail first they could not have been as successful as they are now, that early fail taught them a lesson that not even a PhD could teach them.

Too many times we feel like we need to answer to people, we need to prove them wrong or right. My challenge to you is stop feeling like you need to prove anything to people, allow them to think whatever they want unless they are your supervisor or your boss and they are literally paying you.

I broke my own curse this year and started living my life 100% for ME. For a long time I used to tell myself that if I have a really good year this year, next year everything was going to go bad and for years that’s the route my life took. When I say that I would have an amazing year this year and by January 1st of next year everything would start going bad, just believe me. I told myself I was going to stop worrying, I was going to stop trying to please everybody, this is my journey and at the end of the day I would be the one affected by my decisions. Last year I had an amazing year, like the best damn year of my life better than 2009, and 2009 was an EPIC YEAR. Since the start of this year nothing but amazing things have been happening, I’m literally living my dream life things I never thought would happen to me have happened, I even enrolled in a knitting class.

I’ve been living my new life in a way that not even close friends know what I’m going to do until after I’ve done it, not that I’m keeping secrets but I no longer need validation from anyone. There are a few things you need in this life that will carry you through, and it’s a purpose, a will to carry on regardless of the struggles you’ve had to deal with, people who support you be it family or an amazing group of friends and a peace within yourself, totally accepting yourself for you are and loving it.

Have an amazing weeks guys, remember you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, just tell them “I got this, don’t worry about me”

Accepting that things will fall apart & being Happy


I learnt at a very young age that people were going to come and go out of my life and there was nothing I could do to control it. Some people were going to die some would just disappear without warning, some I would cut off and others would come and go until eventually one day they too would disappear. When you’re young sometimes these situations can leave you with scars, that’s why I think it’s important I share with you where I am in my life now. If you follow me on twitter then you will know I talk about this from time to time, I now look at every single relationship that I have with another person as temporary experiences in my life. I tell myself that all the people I meet will one day go away for some reason or another.

I try not to invest too much into these relationships than I would with a stranger I meet in a crowded train station, because I’m one of those persons easily affected by the interactions I have with other people.

I have found an overwhelming new happiness I’m really happy, no I don’t wake up everyday singing “The hills are Alive with the sound of music” but because I expect nothing from anyone, nobody can hurt me. People can’t hurt me anymore the freedom I have right now comes from knowing that at any point someone who has been in my life will walk out or disappoint me and I will honestly not care because I didn’t expect them to do what I consider to be the right thing in the first place.

Being in a place where no one can hurt you is one of the most liberating feelings in the world, I used to believe in people, trust people, always said innocent until proven guilty,now I’m saying FUCK people lol (not really). But I just dont care as much as I used to. I used to worry about people leaving my life all the time, relationships, friendships, trying to get the approval of everyone completely devastated when people betrayed me and things didn’t work out the way I hoped they would. The good thing about having everything you love taken away from you is you learn to be strong, because the worst happens and you realize “Hey this isn’t so bad, I made it”. Learning that the worst thing that could happen, is not so bad at all simplifies your life. I’ve been betrayed by Family, friends, boyfriends, people I don’t even know exist lol.

I accept that everything will fall apart,I accept that people will not only pray for my downfall but they will do whatever they can to make sure I fall and I might fall, but I will get up and be happy regardless.

xoxox Lauren O Lauren

My Big Bang Moment, My will to be happy regardless.

IMG_1941 A Big Bang moment; the moment when everything in your life falls apart and you feel like giving up. You’re at the bottom and there’s no where else to go but up. Then you’re going to literally drag your body up and say fuck this it’s time to cheer up and move the fuck on, welcome to the Big Bang.

Throughout the years people who have read my blogs have seen me have my highs and lows, but I went through a very dark time over two years ago. My life had lost it’s flow and nothing was going according to plan, not the way I had planned it.
I had this attitude that there were things I couldn’t do and there were things I could do, and I wasn’t prepared or willing to learn the things I didn’t know. I was holding on so tightly to my past and hoping things would get better until one day I realized what i was holding on to want even real, it didn’t even exist. I flew to Miami for my birthday and came back a totally different person. I came back relieved, now I could start over.

People’s opinion of me never really mattered but now more than ever it’s almost like I don’t even hear their opinions anymore, and not hearing is way better than not caring. I am truly happy and it is not the result of anybody’s action but my own, if everybody that is in my life walked out tomorrow it wouldn’t make me sad is might be a little disappointed but I would carry on like it never happened.

I wake up happier each day than the day before, I am so motivated to try new things and be a new person. A year ago I knew nothing about cooking and had never been interested. I considered cooking to be something that society expected women to do, I had no interest in societies expectations. But today I am cooking, I am baking macaroni and cheese pies, lasagna, healthy fish dishes, you name it and I can do it.
I worked in media for years as a television host not learning anything but the basics of what my job entailed, being in a new environment with a much better attitude and some time on my hands, I have learned to edit not only in Adobe premier but also in final cut 7 and final cut X. I invested in a good camera and a lighting system that I can fully set up in my own house and use. I can do anything with google and YouTube there isn’t really anything that I can’t do myself. Two weeks ago I built my own website and all these tasks were things I had to pay others to do for me in the past, today I put them on my list of things to do.

I literally went from being very depressed and terrified of what the future held, to happy, inspired, and driven to create my own destiny. My Big Bang moment

Have a great week everyone, and always remember time heals all wounds I have lived it so I know. :)