What does his gifts mean?


Tis the season to be jolly, and if your like me it’s also the season where I collect an abundance of gifts from my many male suitors who are dying to see what’s hiding in my panties :).

But have you ever wondered what his gifts mean? what does it say about the man, we all know that diamond rings mean lets get married. Come closer girls, I have it all figured it out, when I start typing like this, even if I don’t you believe me don’t you! *Big Grin*

when a man gives you flowers he’s really trying to say your dear to him, men think flowers are corny but they know women appreciate them, if he hasn’t had sex with you yet it could mean he wants to sleep with you and wouldn’t mind it happening in the next 48 hours. If he sends you flowers while he’s in another country, oh honey you best hold on to him a man who thinks about you while your out of sight is a man to keep on your mind.

BAGS & other STUFF
Bags are cute gifts and women love bags, but when a man gifts you with clothes and bags it could mean that he finds you attractive and knows that you like those things, you’re a girl and men try to please us. But it could also mean that he doesn’t see something long-term with you and it also depends on his budget.
When a rich guy buys you Louise Vuitton it means the same as a broke dude buying you a nice bag with no name, none of the gestures out way the other.
At the moment both are just trying to please your immediate female needs.

Furniture & House hold items
This my lovelies is a very big deal, bigger than Tyra in last seasons top model, talk about whale behavior. It means he’s thinking about you the person, and not you the girl, and thinking about your well-being. Our homes are a representation of us, if we are in chaos our homes reflect that. If he buys you a couch, or microwave or even a new bed it says a lot about how he feels about you.

A car he definitely cares about your comfort and your reliability has become his personal problem, he has taken it and has made it his manly duty to make sure you are ok. If he can afford a car, he will definitely buy you one, or he’ll teach you how to drive his and you both take turns.

A man who gifts you with raw money, hmm this has two meanings most times it could be that he wants no sentimental attachments to you. BUT if he gives you other gifts, well then my pretties there is no better gift that money, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! He knows you have deadlines and bills and he wants to help by not paying them for you or waiting for you to ask, but by giving you money. The amount of money sometimes matters too, but look out for that in my next blog on “Analyzing rich men’s money, How much is he really giving you”

A man who gives you gift certificates is a budge-ter, he watches what he spends and he intends to watch what you spend if your spending his. I suppose a man like this is good if you’re a woman over thirty in a secure job and looking for the perfect Mr Huxtable to settle down with, i on the other hand am not.

men love electronics, so when they give you devices like Ipods, Docking stations, lap tops, tv’s etc. It means he wants you on his level, he wants his woman to be on parr with him, he wants to take care of you but he also wants you to be a strong woman as well

Want me to analyze your gifts? then email me your Christmas gifts, or just gifts in general to MISSLAURENDUNN@GMAIL.COM and let mama bear tell you what he’s thinking. How do I know this you ask, I’ve had enough ruined “fucked up” relationships to know what they look like. 😉

xoxoxox Lauren O Lauren

PS a quick note to all my bloggers, DECEMBER 28th at Fiction Night club (your favorite night club) in Kingston Jamaica, is a party you must go to, ever wondered what it’s like to party with me? here’s your chance to party with me, Loni and Tracy and a few girls on poles ;).

22 thoughts on “What does his gifts mean?

  1. Hi,I would like to ask you how about the gift with love sign? Does it mean something from him? or he just buy the gift without thinking. Thanks for your advice

  2. My ex-husband bought me for my birthday (as if from my kids) a print/copy/fax/scan machine and a nice bag with a lap top department (obviously for work). I am graduating from grad school next month. My ex is very wealthy, but he hasn’t bought me such gifts for my b/day since year one (we were married 3 years). He’s dating another woman but I don’t think he’s in love with her. I recently told him how much I appreciate him taking care of MY teen kids and helping me out in life – so we’re friendly again after fighting a lot in the past year. So… does he still love me or is he just being nice? What say you?


    1. Maybe, I think he definitely is missing you and feeling bad for the way he treated you while you were together. I dnt advise that you go back there, turning back is never a good idea.

  3. My friend that I have know for just about 2 years now always gives me the most thoughtful gifts… last Christmas I got Decorative stones (because he knows i like nature and rocks), Candles, and my favorite choclates and candies. For my birthday I got a gift card for my favorite book store, and while it doesnt seem like much, it was the birthday card that caught my attention. It was a little old lady on the front and the sentiment in the card said, “I saw this card and knew it was for you, because purple is your favotire color, and the lady feeding the squirrels reminds me of the baking you did at christmas”. And this past year, for Christmas I received a digital picture frame (because he knows I like photography), and a board game (because we love to play them when we hang out) and a few other little things that were very specific to my likes. Thoughts??

    1. hmmmm well at least we know he’s paying attention and that is a rare gem in a man, he may be trying to say he likes you. Though Men can be rather strange they will do the most amazing things for years then you start having sex with them and they go a complete 180 on you.
      It does suggest that he likes you, follow his pace and dnt start anything let him be the one

      1. Thanks Lauren 🙂 I do get the feeling that he likes me, I’m just confused as to what extent. There was some flirting early on when we met, but he was honest with me, saying that he wasnt ready for a relationship. I have just tried to be the best “girl” friend that I can be, and am trying to let nature take its course!

      2. That’s all you can do, just go slow don’t rush anything men have a tendency to change when things begin to look too serious, just watch him.

  4. Lauren, what does it mean when a man you’ve been seeing 3 days a month, for 3 months gives you a picture of himself for Christmas and signs the card he gives you Love you,

  5. I currently got back with my guy in April, (from not being with him since April of last year) for my birthday (in June) he gave me a nice SKAGEN watch. What does this mean?

  6. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. He bought me earrings of my favorite NFL team and a crossbow. He asked me what I wanted and the crossbow was the only thing I said. I wanted to see what he wanted to give me….I didn’t really just want a crossbow.

    1. Watches make great gifts I like them a lot, but for years they have been linked to bad luck. Giving someone a watch puts time on the relationship, its happened to me twice and a couple friends I know.

      As for the gift itself what kind of watch was it.

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