A Message to my Friends

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Ok so few things I need to tell you guys hopefully I don’t ramble, I went to bed extremely late one night because as usual I was up late editing videos and working on this project somebody is paying me to finish by this weekend,still haven’t finished it I will by later today though.

So imagine how frightening it was for me to hear my phone going off over and over again at 10am when I went to bed at 8am, I was frazzled. I thought something bad had happened the last time I was woken up by the constant ringing of my phone one of my dear friends was in the hospital, fighting for her life. I thought-this was one of those situations imagine my disappointment when I picked up the phone and heard this on the other line “Lauren whomever you’re telling your business to in Jamaica you need to stop telling them. They have your business all up on this gossip website” I knew at that moment as soon as I was fully awake I needed to go to AT&T and change my phone number, again.

A couple of things bother me about this situation here’s the first one, I never had a sex tape, I never dated a famous artist or have a baby for a famous person. I’m literally just some girl from the country side of a small island called Jamaica who moved to Kingston the islands “City” and appeared on TV a couple of times, I’m not rich like my neighbor assumes I am because I told him I’m some kind of celebrity in Jamaica, he assumes all celebrities are rich, I guess they are in America I told him no. I’m quite poor so the obsession with my personal life is something I don’t really understand, I guess because I travel to the states a few times and in a 3rd world country that’s a big deal, I’m not really sure I’m just guessing here.

Here’s my second problem people think it’s ok for people to write me up on sites and destroy my name, say nasty things about me as if I’m no a human being with feelings. So I should stop telling people my business because, they will all bring it back to this site so it can become a conversation piece for the readers who I guess have a lot of free time on their hands. Why is it ok, why do you assume that what’s on the site is true, why do you assume that I give a fuck? I can’t choose who is going to betray me, Jesus got fucking betrayed and he was only trying to save the entire world from sin, all I’m trying to do is lay my weave.

There is nothing I can do about people who want to discuss me, one second they are saying I’m a gold digger who loves money, the next second they’re saying I’m with a poor man who can’t buy me anything, they will say something bad regardless spreading lies trying to tear my name down there’s obviously an audience out there people want to know about Lauren. ME!! People want to know all the intimate details about my life. Can anybody say – Tell All to be released soon. I live in a very I guess majority white part of America surrounded by people who could care less who Lauren O Lauren is, I don’t live in Florida and I don’t live in New York, I don’t run into Jamaicans ever. I was driving around looking for a Jamaican restaurant the other day and the closest one was four hours away, I wanted to cry cuz I really felt like having oxtail. You see where I’m going with this? You’re telling me about a situation that I really can’t do anything about, they can talk about me all they want, be it true or not it’s not affecting me and it’s not helping them.

Anyways have a great weekend everyone I’m starting a knitting class today and I’m super excited it’s kind of a big deal. I wanna knit cozy white sweaters and shit for all my friends.

Xoxox Lauren O Lauren

5 thoughts on “A Message to my Friends

  1. your positivity give me life. I’m your #1 fan!!!!!! I’ve never been a groupie but I’m ready to be your groupie lol. Have a good day if you ever see this

  2. Great job Lauren.People are petty and act like they are perfect.I can’t stand those with a bag of skeletons in their closets worse than the ones they talking shit about but have the nerve to be snubbing their noses at others.It’s like they need to put others down to feel important.But I respect your courage to not let them stop you and keep it moving.Give them hell girl the best revenge is success.To hell with the haters.If you want to be a celebrity who are they to say your not cause if you weren’t they wouldn’t feel the need to focus on your life.Your doing what they wish they could but can’t cause they’re not happy with themselves.I wish you success in all you do your past doesn’t define you.

    1. I don’t even know why people talk about skeletons in closets because we’re all living our lives for ourselves. whatever we do is our business as long as its not illegal.

      People are just too focused in other peoples lives and thats the bigger issue, thanks for the love though baby girl.

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