Having friends is like ruling a Kingdom or something like that.

Lauen's Mind

Ok So this random stupid thought came into my head today cause I was trying to sort some stuff out. I realize it is inevitable that you will lose friends through out this journey of life, but it sucks its like getting shot again. You’ve been shot before so you know you’re not gonna die but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less you know what I mean. Especially sometimes when you lose friends over petty shit, somebody ever had a beef with you and you’re the last person to find out? Shit happens to me all the time.

Every change in your life means you’re gonna lose a friend, if you shave off all your head and decide to go natural this could be one of those times when you might lose a friend, because I have come to realize change goes hand in hand with the crumbling of all sorts of relationships. So I have come to this theory that having friends is like ruling a kingdom, you’re cool with all your knights, your noble men and everybody in your Kingdom right, but it’s a Kingdom and there is always threat from enemies. No matter how loyal all the kings men and loyal subjects are, all it takes is a moment of weakness and vulnerability for an outsider to offer them something that you probably don’t have, or tell them something to set them against you and because we’re humans and emotionally driven before you know it your kingdom is being slammed because one of your faithful subjects left the bridge open for the enemy to come in and just like that you’re fucked.

Did that make any sense? It just came to me I’ve been listening to a lot of Cher today so I don’t know if it’s causing my brain to warp lol.

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