We don’t lose things, we simply upgrade to better things

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Hi everyone I hope you’re all having a good day and if you’re not remember what I always tell you, nothing lasts forever.

I thought it was super important for me to write this blog for you guys just incase some of you were going through a similar situation. Most of us have been at that place in our lives where we feel like everything is being taken from us, like some strange force just stopped by one day and swooped the entire world we knew right from under us. We lose our friends, our family starts to drift away, the love of our life tells us they don’t love us anymore, and our kids start to rebel what is going on in our world?

You might think you’re losing your sanity and your piece of mind but you’re not, you’re actually being upgraded to a better situation I promise you trust me I know this. I lose things and people all the time. But I always get compensated with better people and better things later on. When I think back at some of my darkest times the things and people who I lost even if I hadn’t lost them and things had remained the same before the trouble, what I have now is far greater and far better than that which I lost when it was good. That’s why I know for sure that you shouldn’t worry about things that fail now because anything that fails, failed because it wasn’t the right fit and something better will come along.

Feel free to cry now but feel better soon because later you will laugh.

xoxox Lauren O Lauren.

4 thoughts on “We don’t lose things, we simply upgrade to better things

  1. Thank you for this post Lauren… I’m going through a similar thing now but I know I’ll pull through

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