How do you overcome Misery?


I get asked this daily, there is no one way to get over a bad situation whatever the situation might be. There is no seven step course of how to prevent a bad situation either, its apart of life, bad things happen to everybody before learning to walk fully babies fall down hundred of times, its part of the process.

So what do you do, what advise do I have to offer some one who is going through something that at the moment is just too much for them to handle? what does a sailboat do when it’s at sea? It adjusts it’s sails so the winds can take it where it wants to go, and when the seas get rough it battens down and prepares for it, when the storm passes it assesses the damage and sails again.

There’s nothing much you can do when tough times are happening, just allow yourself to go through the motions. Even the son of God while he was here on earth went through pain, betrayal and endured serious criticism.
The good thing is bad times don’t last but tough people do, so go to work if you have to help the kids with their homework and keep your house clean. Cry and allow yourself to be a little self-indulgent in the things that you want, but when the rough time is over and the storm has passed, get up brush yourself off and move on with your life don’t allow a temporary situation to permanently affect you forever.

Have an amazing week everyone. Please feel free to email me with questions or situations that you need a second opinion on.

xoxoxo Lauren O Lauren

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