Don’t take life for granted, it’s a gift.

Happiness & You, Positive Living

Hey everyone it’s me again now if you’ve been following my blog over the past four years or even two years, you would have noticed that the tone of my blogs have completely changed.

This past Saturday we met into an accident not our fault and nothing super huge but could have been a lot worst, our car got a nasty blow. Shout out to Progressive car insurance they dealt with the situation so quick and seamlessly we had a rental car in no time and it’s a really nice rental we almost don’t want them to fix our car lol.

Here’s the point of this bog when you least expect it things can change and who knows if it had been a couple of seconds earlier maybe that crash would have been worst.Im usually an annoying passenger seat driver but this time I was on twitter and didn’t have my eyes on the road I wasn’t the one driving however, but I looked down for two seconds and in within those two seconds I was jerked forward. Usually I get very frightened in situations like these, but I felt an overwhelming amount of calm we got out of the car and the girl who was driving the other car met us half way. The first thing she said was is everyone ok, are you alright and we did the same asking if she was ok. I’ve been in accidents before and this is the first time I’ve been in one where everyone was so calm, the accident was her fault and she took the blame with no arguments, we didn’t need to call the police we were all fine. We exchanged insurance information and phone numbers and we should be getting our car back within a week or so.

I believe when you practice gratitude and surround yourself with positive people, keep your vibe positive and focus on the good in the world. Your world just flows and the universe will reward you with positive experiences. Some people get distracted by the bad and focus on the negative, but me I give my attention to the things that truly deserve it. Say this to yourself everyday I have a beautiful home, I have a wonderful family, I have friends who adore me and I have the world at my fingertips, my life is Golden.

have a great week everyone, remember tomorrow isn’t promised so while you have life, make the best of it.

xoxo Lauren O Lauren

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